Santaris Pharma consortium awarded €1.35m by Denmark’s Advanced Technology Foundation for development of the first microRNA medicine

Santaris Pharma announced today that the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (ATF) has awarded a grant of €1.35 million towards the development of the first ever drug targeted against a human microRNA.

The drug candidate, SPC3649, is an antagonist of the liver-specific microRNA-122 and is being developed by Santaris in collaboration with the Centre for Biological Sequence Analyses at the Technical University of Denmark and the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

New, groundbreaking technology may lead to a new generation of healthy dairy products

Chr. Hansen’s scientists see interesting potential in new, unique fermentation technology which improves conditions for “friendly” gut bacteria.

Yoghurts, soft drinks or juices with many more of the “friendly” gut bacteria (probiotics) with higher longevity and improved health effects – superior fermented dairy products or new developments within functional foods, we can’t even imagine today. These are some of the interesting prospects, Chr. Hansen researchers and technicians are facing with the help from this new technology.

The agreement with Chr. Hansen, a leading manufacturer of food ingredients, demonstrates commercial viability of Jurag Separations unique separation system and confirms the technology’s attractiveness for scalable and productive solutions in industrial settings.

With the joint venture Chr. Hansen gets access to Jurag Separations patented REED filtration technology, which offers advanced electro-membrane solutions for separation of ionic species directly from fermentation broth as well as from a variety of other complex process streams.

Zymenex has initiated the Phase II part of the clinical trial in seriously ill children with MLD.

Zymenex has initiated the Phase II part of the clinical trial in seriously ill children with MLD.

The trial will hopefully show the way to a cure for the rare and until now incurable disease, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), which is diagnosed in children between the ages of 2-5 years and paralyses the nervous system in such a way that the children die.