Starting immediately, Arcoma will be selling Arcoma branded systems integrated with Canon image software and detectors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Until now, Canon distributors have bought the image software and the detectors directly from Canon Europe, having two points of sourcing for a complete system. This new agreement allows Arcoma to deliver the completely integrated system, ensuring functionality, quality and reducing installation time for its customers. The agreement will increase Arcoma sales by approx. 25 MSEK per year and will strengthen the Arcoma brand in Europe considerably.

“We are proud to be able to sell the complete Arcoma branded systems with the Canon detectors throughout EMEA. The strengthened alliance with Canon allows us to pre-stage systems prior to installation, thus reducing installation time for end-users and ensuring system functionality and quality. This is further an important part of Arcoma’s strategy to strengthen the Arcoma brand and increase its product offering”, says CEO Mikael Högberg.